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  • Our Mission

    To promote, stimulate and reinvigorate Spruce Grove’s City Centre as the civic, cultural and social heart of the community through design, programming and uniting of public and private sector businesses and activities.


  • The Role of a BIA

    A BIA is a Business Improvement Area. In June 1983, the Province of Alberta passed legislation that allows municipalities to establish Business Improvement Areas.

    A BIA is a non-profit association of business owners that join together to promote and improve the economic vitality of their business district. A BIA can be used to enhance streetscape improvements, carry out joint promotions and festivals, and promote economic development initiatives.

    A BIA organization receives funding through a special levy that is added to each business tax assessment.

    Worldwide there are approximately 1,200 business improvement areas with approximately 348 of them in Canada. There are currently 33 Business Improvement Areas in Alberta.

    On August 15, 2016, City Council approved the establishment of the City Centre Business Improvement Area (BIA) for the purpose of promoting the revitalization and redevelopment of the Spruce Grove City Centre. The Bylaw (C-966-16) further provided for the establishment of the City Centre Business Association (CCBA) as the Board for the BIA including the corporate bylaws under which the Board operates. It is understood that at least part of their annual budget will be funded by a Business Improvement Levy on businesses located within the BIA zone. It is also understood that, in an effort to keep the levy amount as low as possible, the CCBA will undertake a series of signature events to raise funds for the purpose of fulfilling their mission. 


    What are the Benefits of a BIA?

    A Business Improvement Area:

    • Ensures ongoing cooperation among the members of the business community.
    • Allows businesses to collectively solve problems.
    • Improves lines of communication between the business community, municipal staff and City Council.
    • Cost savings to the business members through promotional activities and integration of capital funding.
    • A dedicated source of revenue for provision of services and physical improvements.
    • Collectively promotes a welcoming, family-friendly City Centre offering year round activity, festivals, events, shopping, dining and inviting green, open and public spaces with revitalized buildings and enhanced storefronts in a walkable environment.


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